Whenever I set up a new machine there are certain programs I wouldn’t want to miss. Here are my top must-have programs for the latest Windows 10

Program #1: VLC – To Play Movies, Music, MKV, Media Files

VLC is one of the most popular programs of all time and for good reason. It’s a simple, liteweight, reliable tool for all sorts of use cases. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html

Video Lan Top Program 1.Png

Program #2: Roboform By SiberSystems – Password Manager For Windows 10

Passwords are everywhere. Every service, every websites requires one. As you may know, it’s a very, very bad idea to use easy passwords. Another more common error is to use the same password for all sites and services. Whenever one database gets compromised due to data leaks, immediately all of your accounts are in danger. Instead, play it safe and install Roboform.

Roboform For Windows10.png

Program #3: Autohotkey – Productivity Hacking For Windows 10 Simplified

Autohotkey is the ultimate scripting language. You can learn this language in one weekend (even if you have never programmed before) and start scripting incredibly awesome hacks that will make your life easier. It’s a tool I literally depend on and it’s always one of the first programs I install on Windows.

Autohotkey Scripting For Windows10

Download Autohotkey

Program #4: Authy – 2-Factor Auth on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux Devices

Authy is a cross-platform tool to securely manage your 2-factor logins. 2-factor is an industry standard to better secure logins. Roboform is great but passwords are relatively easy to crack or obtain. Requiring a special code to login gives you redundant security. Authy has established itself as the go-to 2-factor app.

Authy 2-Factor Auth For Windows10

Download Authy

Program #5: GPU-Z – Monitor Your GPU Temperature, Voltage, Stability

Whether you’re a gamer, cryptocurrency-addict or just obsessed with overclocking, one tool we couldn’t live without is GPU-Z: A great program to monitor the temperature and stability of your graphic cards.
Gpu Z

Download GPU-Z

Program #6: Filezilla – FTP Tool For Windows 10

FTP is a popular protocol for file-sharing, file-hosting and is used by millions every day. FTP servers are some of the most common servers connected to the internet and anyone with a hard drive and access to the internet can host or connect to one thanks to tools like FileZilla.

Filezilla Ftp Program For Windows10

Download Filezilla

Program #7: 7-Zip: The Superior Zipping Tool For Windows 10

The built-in zipping tool is easy to use but tools like 7-zip provide superior compression and allow you to open even obscure and rare packages. Incredibly handy and powerful!

Zipping Tool Alternative For Windows10

Download 7-Zip

Program #8: iTunes – The Media Program

The Xbox marketplace is great, but if you already own an iPad, there’s no way around iTunes on Windows.

Itunes For Windows10

Download iTunes

Program #9: Steam – The Game Library

Games are no longer solely managed by your programs folder. Since 2001, Valve’s Steam has become the go-to game library and marketplace.

Steam For Windows10

Download Steam

Program #10: Notepad++ – The Notepad Alternative

The built-in Windows 10 notepad is ok for tiny notes, but notepad++ is capable of even replacing far superior, full-scale IDE’s and programming environments. Notepad++ is extremely complex, comes with regex support and all sorts of cool plugins to replace and modify text.

Notepad Alternative For Windows10

Download Notepad++