Windows Insiders Getting Windows 10 Developer Tooling Preview

With the Windows Insider Program getting a ton of attention from the user standpoint, the developer side of things with Windows 10 is a little behind. Windows in trying to court more developers, released a Windows 10 developer tooling preview to show off what it can do.

The Windows 10 developer tooling preview is the first technical preview of the software, and it is truly a preview. It features a number of platform capabilities that developers can use when developing for Windows 10, but also is a preview of what is coming with Windows 10.

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Developer Tooling Preview

Inside The Developer Tooling Preview

The Windows 10 developer tooling preview has a number of key aspects that Microsoft wants to show off to developers. The first aspect is the adaptive UX within Windows 10, and its ability to adapt from small to big screens. Next are the Windows 10 UI controls, and that shows off how the user experience works with Windows 10.

The other two aspects in the Windows 10 developer tooling preview are quite interesting. Third are API contract,s, and these show off whether a Windows feature is available on the device before calling an API. Lastly, visual studio tooling improvements have been made to make it better for developers.

Microsoft Gives Developers New Tools For Windows 10 App Development

Developer Resources For Windows 10

Along with the developer tooling preview, Microsoft is also releasing a series of resources for developers. These include an introduction to universal app platforms, windows 10 jumpstart preview training content, what’s new in Windows 10 for developers, and code samples for devs.

To get these items, developers just need to join the Windows Insider Program, create a Windows app using the universal app templates, and test it out. Release notes and bug notes are included in the developer side of things, and Microsoft knows that it will run into issues.

Developers need to try Windows 10 quickly, and these should help. Windows 10 is big for all, and getting software built for Windows 10 will be a huge part of its success.

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