Windows 10 Updated Delta Style

With the release of Windows 10, the update cycle has been changed at various stages to see how well Microsoft’s internal structures can handle the changes of Windows 10. The latest build release known as build 9860 was the latest success of the update changes, with delta upgrades.

With Microsoft being able to deliver delta upgrades on the fly, and being able to update versions of Windows 10 from a version number to another, and not needing a complete update, it makes Windows 10 something more real. The delta changes mean Microsoft can update on the fly versus a complete update.

Microsoft's Gabriel Aul Confirms Delta Updates Work With Windows 10

The Windows 10 Delta Upgrade

In its delivery of Windows 10 to the Insider Program, Microsoft sent testers who were using build 9841 the newest version of Windows 10. The newest version was 9860, and it didn’t need to be sent as a complete new ISO or file, and contained only the updates that were changed, marking a success for Windows.

While the success of the delta upgrade wasn’t known as the first for Windows, it means that Windows 10 and the plan of upgrades can handle these delta upgrades. It for the most part went very smooth for users, didn’t cause problems via social media, and most importantly Microsoft was able to handle the stresses internally.

Microsoft's Build 9860 Tests Delta Upgrade Path For Windows 10 In Sucess

Delta Update Vs ISO

With many Windows 10 testers upset that Microsoft stopped delivering updates via ISO’s, this now makes sense for the future of updates with Windows 10. Microsoft needs to make sure that in-app updates work for Windows 10, and by giving users these types of delta upgrades, they can make sure that functionality works within Windows 10.

This first major update for Windows 10 was marked as a success from Microsoft, and that is a huge plus for the release of the next operating system. Microsoft needs this to mark the future path of Windows, and it seems to have worked. While smaller updates were made to Windows 10, Microsoft now has tested the first update, and it worked.

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