Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049 Released

With each release to the Windows 10 Insider Program, Microsoft is unleashing a number of new features for users to try out and beta test. Windows 10 has been very popular in this build, and testers cannot wait until the next build. On 3/30/15, users got that latest build, and its build 10049.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049 is one of the latest builds for Windows 10, and features a number of bug fixes and the introduction of the Spartan Browser. While the Spartan Browser is certainly going to get all the attention, the overall build quality of Windows 10 is getting much better.

Microsoft Unveils Preview Build 10049 Featuring Spartan

Known Windows 10 Fixes With Build

As detailed in his blog post, Gabe Aul, who is Microsoft’s point person for the program, went into details for the release. He introduces Spartan into the preview build for the first time, but knows that the other bug fixes for Windows 10 are important as well. He goes into them in great detail for users to digest.

With this preview build 10049, Microsoft fixed issues from the previous preview build 10041, and surrounding the Photos app. It was crashing when users tapped on the circular icon. Issues where windows where visable behind the Start Screen and areas in tablet mode were also fixed. Finally, by locking the PC with Windows + L, it no longer gets stuck.

Windows 10 Build 10049 Arrives With Users Downloading It Passionately

Known Bug Fixes With Build

While this preview build 10049 has a lot of fixes, Microsoft is definitely aware of known issues with it as well. A blue screen might be seen after logging in instead of the desktop. A work about has been posted to help in this issue. Indexing of new email in Outlook has also been suspended in this release.

Additional items include installing the Windows 10 preview build on virtual machines. If hosted on Hyper-V, it has been advised to wait for future builds. Visual Studio 2015 has issues as well. Emulators will not boot, XAML designers in VS and Blend will crash, and developers have been advised to move tot he slow ring for now.

Windows 10 Preview Build 10049 has arrived. It has Spartan and fixes, but it has bugs too, so be careful when installing.

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