Windows 10 Supports MKV Out Of The Box

Windows 10 supports a number of video files, and most of them are the most common video formats across the web. But, users have individual needs and video formats are easily one of the biggest choices to choose from. The MKV format is one of the most requested ones, and Windows 10 now supports it.

Neowin in their testing of the latest build 9860 of Windows 10 that the MKV format is supported without any problems, and this is a major plus to videophiles. The MKV format is one of the highest resolution and demanding formats, and now Windows 10 will do it without any problems.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Supporting MKV Files Couresy Of Neowin Research

MKV In 10 Not 8.1

The testing by Neowin shows that in Windows 8.1, the sample MKV file wasn’t able to be supported out of the box. This was a major disappointment to many video users who love to use the MKV format, but was understood as a flaw in the operating system. It’s a high-end format, and one that Microsoft wasn’t able to fully support.

But, with the latest Windows 10 build 9860, a sample MKV file was downloaded and Windows Media Player was chosen to play the file. The pop up box stated it wasn’t supported, but then played the file. In a confirmation from Microsoft, Microsoft confirmed that MKV support is provided by Windows 10, making MKV video fans excited.

Microsoft's Clunky MKV Support Makes Way For Natural Support Of MKV Files In Windows 10

Why Support MKV In Windows 10?

Many might wonder why Microsoft would support an odd format like MKV? It’s a format that is very popular with movies, and that is simply the reason why its supported. Many users love to watch MKV videos on their machines, and the format gives the best possible resolution for the file size, and is popular across the web.

The MKV format is one that many operating systems don’t support out of the gate, and the Mac OS is one of those. It requires an update to the Quicktime player to run, and one that isn’t easy to install. Now, with Windows 10 supporting the MKV format out of the box, movie fans can thank Microsoft for the MKV installation, and can watch their movies in total peace.

MKV support is important for many users. Now, in Windows 10, they get it naturally.

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