Windows 10 To Be Seen On Big Phones and Small Tablets

Users have been using Windows on a number of devices over time, and they have gone from the traditional desktop, to laptops, and migrated to the mobile phone. With Windows 10, it’s all about to change, as Microsoft is building Windows 10 for all kinds of new sized devices.

Up until now, the biggest Windows Phone that has featured Windows has been the Lumia 1520, and that is a larger phone that many love. But, with Windows 10 being tested, Microsoft is looking to up the game, and get more devices to feature Windows 10 from small to large.

Microsoft's Lumia 1520 Won't Be The Largest Phone With New Windows 10 Specs

Minimum Hardware For Windows 10

Windows for the most part has been featured on a number of devices, but never really had minimum hardware guidelines for OEM’s and manufacturers to design devices for. This changes with Windows 10, as Windows 10 phones and desktop PCs get these guidelines, which mean new devices for users.

Windows 10 phones can now go from 3 inches to 7.99 inches in size, which means that all kinds of new phones should be coming down the pipeline. For desktops, Windows 10 professional desktop PCs or tablet must be 7 inches or larger, but consumer tablets and PCs can go 8 inches or larger.

Microsoft's New Windows 10 Requirements Mean All New Laptops For Windows 10 Users

More Powerful Phones and Tablets Coming

With the new hardware guidelines for Windows 10, manufacturers who make Windows Phones will now have to have 4GB of flash memory among other technical items. This means that these Windows Phones will run smoother and faster, giving way to amazing phones that will power Windows Mobile.

Desktop PCs though that will have Windows 10 will have a wider range though. It can go from a SSD of 16GB or larger with desktop machines. All kinds of tablets, desktops, laptops, and tablets are in these bundles of specs for manufacturers to make. But, a lot of new hardware should come as a result of these new specs for Windows 10.

Windows 10 will be on a lot of new hardware. I can’t wait to see these large phones and tablets as they arrive later this year.

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