Users ever since the first version of Windows 95, have had the almost same control panel in the operating system. While it has changed some, the overall control panel has been the same in all the modern versions of Windows. With the latest builds of Microsoft’s Windows 10, this might change.

Users who have taken a look at the latest Windows 10 builds, have noticed that the control panel of Windows 10 is starting to look a lot different. It’s going away from the list feature that the control panel was known for, and moving into a PC settings set of choices and other changes as well.

Microsoft's Confusing Windows Control Panel Confuses Many With Windows 8

Control Panel Changes

Users ever sine Windows 8, have had two different settings pages, that confused users looking to make changes to their machines. The usual control panel was on one page, and another are had the modern PC Settings page. The two different areas confused many users, and even experts wondered why Microsoft would do this to users.

With the latest 9860 build of Windows 10, Microsoft started to roll ou a new version of Windows. This is being called the zApps panel, and its a beginning step to merging the two pages into a new control panel, but is far from over. It is a preview of what is to come, but makes the control panel look normal again.

Microsoft's New Control Panel Shown Off Courtesy Of Neowin's Latest Build Research Of zApps

Inside zApps

The new zApps is not the final wording for the new control panel at all. But, it allows certain features of the control panel to be appreciated and depreciated depending on usage and importance. This might mean that network settings get higher priority over some, and lesser importance ones get pushed down the page.

Microsoft via the Insider Program has asked users how they can improve the control panel, and this is the first step in giving users a manageable Control Panel. It’s not a completely functional or useful control panel, but its an early preview. It won’t go back to the prior version based on this though, and that is good for Windows 10 users.