Microsoft is hard at work to bring us an improved, more intuitive mobile operating system. Windows 10 could address various UI problems and bring back the Start menu

Start Menu Confirmed For 8.2 – Windows 10 Will Bring More Changes

According to Paul Thurrot, Windows 8.2 will already bring back the Start Menu, so we’re pretty confident that Windows 10 will also include it. However, we are not so sure what Microsoft will do with the “Metro” UI / Start Screen. Will they make further modifications or will they completely ditch the UI completely?

Users have a hard time getting used to it and changes in 8.1 even made the experience worse for desktop users. We therefore believe, Microsoft will make sure to provide a better experience to desktop users this time around

When Can We Expect Windows 10?

Microsoft will not release an alpha at their yearly BUILD conference for developers (source: Thurrot), but they may release a better sooner than later. If they intend to release Windows 10 in 2015, it’s very likely that they will release the beta as early as fall 2014.

We have compiled more information on our release date page