Windows 10 Previews Get Faster Builds and No ISO’s

Windows 10 Builds from the Windows Insider Program are coming out at a regularly paced schedule, but Microsoft is listening to those who want to get Windows 10 builds a little more quicker than average users. With that, Microsoft is speeding up the release cadence option for quicker releases to Windows 10 Builds.

Normally, most users in the Windows 10 Insider Program get the builds as they are released by Microsoft. In the latest moves with Windows 10 build 9860, Microsoft updated the options for those risktakers looking to get earlier builds. Giving them fast or slow options to choose from.

Microsoft Gives Windows 10 Users Fast Or Slow Update Pattern For Builds

Fast or Slow?

Those looking for the changes in the Windows 10 build 9860, can venture into the Update and Recovery section of the settings. Within that, users will now find a new option for how often they would like to receive their Windows 10 builds. These updates are now available in two options, fast or slow.

The fast version of the builds go from the daily builds of Windows 10, to the validation stage, to the Microsoft group of certifiers and then to users. The slow option goes from the daily builds, to Microsoft, to a Windows Insiders Fast Group, and then goes to users once its validated by the Microsoft set of users, thus creating one extra ring of delays.

Microsoft Details Fast and Slow Paths Of Windows Builds

Are You A Fast Or Slow Tester?

The thing to know when looking at software builds like this, is the amount of technical skills you might have. The fast path of Windows 10 builds is meant for those who are technically adept, and those who are stable enough with handling operating systems with bugs. These for the most part have been taken care of, but still exist.

Those who still want to test Windows 10, and get builds as they come out from Microsoft, and are tested thoroughly, then the slow option is the way to go. Software has different sets of schedules, and only the most technical should ever choose the fast way. It’s still almost 1 year away, and ruining a machine isn’t worth it, if you aren’t ready for bugs for Windows 10.

I like that Windows 10 offers this new schedule. If you are a techie, then go fast, otherwise slow down and go slow.

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