News surrounding Windows 10 has been scarce, but with the Windows team in Redmond working on the newest release of the operating system, any news is good news. The screenshot of its earliest forms was released on a forum, and indicates that the preview version is still some time away.

Windows 10 or Threshold as its been codenamed, is Microsoft’s latest operating system, and news about it coming out will be the next iteration of the software. But, the screen release of its preview version is getting Windows fans very interested on a future release date.

Microsoft's Leaked Internal Document Points To February Windows 10 Preview

Screenshot Indicates February 2015

An early screenshot of the Windows 365 system is an indication that Windows 10 is on the way. Windows 365 is another version of Windows which is a cloud based OS, but is a clear indicator on when Windows 10 will be released as well. The screenshot of the internal document seems to point to a February or March 2015 date.

The latest screenshot points to a Windows 10 Windows Preview Release @ 2015 02-03, and will be the first release of the bits publicly. The bits are still in development at Microsoft, and an indication that a preview version will be available gets both users and developers very excited about the upcoming roadmap of Windows 10.

Windows Forums Leak Possible Date For Windows 10 Preview Release

Why A Public Release Matters For Windows 10

The availability of a public release for Windows 10 is important for Microsoft, as it seems to point to them wanting the public opinion before its fully released. Windows 8 had a preview version, and Microsoft made updates to the preview as it was released, and took users opinions and feedback very carefully.

By rolling out another Preview of Windows 10, this February or March 2015 time date shows that Microsoft isn’t rushing out the door with Windows 10, and is taking its time to deliver the next version of Windows. Windows 10 will need to make up for a lot of questions and mistakes of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and needs to hit a homerun out of the gate, when it comes to operating systems.

So, it looks like another 9 months until Windows 10. It can’t come soon enough, and we can’t wait.