News surrounding Windows 10 is coming slowly, but as Microsoft is slowly building its next generation operating system, job posting about Windows 10 point to upcoming features. This week, job postings from Microsoft pointing to a Cortana development team gives hope to Cortana in Windows 10.

Cortana, is Windows Phone 8.1’s personal assistant, and is slowly making its way into the next generation of Windows Phone’s. The Cortana assistant is a new tool from Microsoft, but if included in Windows 10, could make it a game changer when it comes to personal assistants in operating systems.

Microsoft's Job Postings Show Cortana Could Be In Windows 10

The Cortana Idea In Windows 10

Cortana is the personal assistant tool that was initially only supposed to be on Windows Phone. But, the job posting from Microsoft points to someone who wants to build the next generation of Cortana. It also points to that person redefining the personalization experience of Windows.

This is the clearest indication so far that Cortana could be included in Windows 10. Having a digital assistant included in Windows 10 would make it a huge improvement, and make personal and business users happy. While it is still new on the Windows Phone OS, baking it deep into Windows 10 makes sense for the next generation Windows OS.

Microsoft Shows Off Cortana In Windows Phones But Could Be In Windows 10

Cortana Adapting To Windows

With Cortana, early words from Microsoft pointed to its possible expansion beyond the Windows Phone system. At Build this year, Terry Myerson stated that the company was looking to expand Cortana outside of the Windows Phone, but it had to make sense. It’s very possible that based on user experiences, this need is now with Windows 10.

Cortana is expected to have a number of API’s built into it, and those API’s could be built into Windows 10 to help it work with other apps and programs. It could be tied into Microsoft Office, Skype, Lync, and other Microsoft products, and make scheduling and organization easier. Windows is looking to give users new experiences, and having Cortana built in, will certainly do that. For now, its just a job posting, but the strongest marker that Cortana is coming to Windows 10.

Windows 10 needs a personal assistant and Cortana is it. I’ve seen it on Windows 8.1 already, and it’s a great tool that can only get better.