Windows 10 Installations By The Numbers

People who are testing Windows 10 via the Windows Insider Program are testing Windows 10 on a variety of different hardware formats. Not every user is the same, and has different use cases for their needs. Microsoft released early stats showing how users are installing the latest build 9860 for Windows 10.

The chart, as released by Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, shows off how users are installing the latest version of Windows 10, known as build 9860. It’s an interesting mix of numbers, and shows off the power of various installations, and why Microsoft is paying attention to these numbers.

Microsoft Shows Off Latest Windows 10 Install Percentages

Desktops and Laptops Lead

With the release of the numbers, it is certain that desktops and laptops clearly lead the charge of Windows 10 installations. The chart shows 32 percent of installations are on laptops, and 41 percent are on desktops. This means close to 75 percent of Windows 10 installations are being done on traditional machines.

Most users for the most part usually use Windows on their home or desktop machine, and especially with a test build like this. Most users won’t use other types of hardware if they don’t have it available, and might use a spare desktop or laptop lying around to see if it works, and to test out the latest features of Windows 10.

Microsoft Still Relies On Desktop And Laptops For Major Number Of Installations

Other Machines Matter Too

While most users might install Windows 10 on their desktops and laptops, other installations matter as well. The numbers show virtual machines are the next largest percentage at 22 percent. Many users have space on their machines and use that space to setup a virtual machine for Windows 10 to test their uses on.

The smaller percentages though center on tablets, all-in-one machines, and other types of machines. These smaller use cases are ones that are still counted by the numbers, but are of lesser importance to Windows 10 testers and Microsoft. Tablets are harder to install Windows 10 upon, and are one-off cases for developers and testers.

These numbers show Windows 10 is in motion. Desktops and laptops still rule though in Windows 10 land.

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