With Windows 10, the company had been delivering users via the Windows Insider Program the Windows 10 builds via ISO’s. These allow users to do a clean install of the operating system on their computers, and not worry about any prior installs on their test machines. But that has ended as of late.

Microsoft with the latest build 9680, stopped delivering Windows 10 via ISO’s. Microsoft confirmed this message via their Twitter stream, and later via a company blog post. By stopping deliver yof Windows 10 via ISO’s, testers have mixed answers as to the future of the Windows builds.

Microsoft Ends ISO Deliveries Of Windows 10 Builds

Why Stop ISO’s

One reason that Microsoft would stop sending out Windows 10 builds via ISO’s, is that they want to update the software on top of the previous build, versus starting over again on each new build and on a new system. By shutting down the ISO channel for Windows 10 builds, Microsoft is forging a new path.

One other reason that Microsoft is stopping ISO builds of Windows 10, is to test a new update feature and to make sure that users are able to use that feature, versus just downloading an ISO and installing it. It’s not 100 percent sure why this was done, but Microsoft won’t be sharing the info, and neither will any involved with it.

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Less ISO’s May Bring Faster Releases

Another take on Microsoft not delivering Windows 10 updates via ISO deliveries, might be their change to allow users to change the speed of the updates of the builds they receive. The recent move to allow users to get faster updates might mean that Windows 10 is ahead of schedule, thus not needing ISO’s to be built.

The lack of ISO’s is more of a developer sigh than anything, since ISO’s are generally easier to install on various devices for testing. Users when downloading Windows 10 generally come up with a 2GB file, and the ISO makes for an easy download. Now, Windows 10 will come in new ways, and we will see how exactly that comes from Microsoft.

It will be interesting to see how Windows gets delivered. Microsoft has a plan, and then will act on it giving Windows 10 a new way to be delivered soon.