Windows 10 Builds To Get Phone Expansions

One of the bigger concerns about the Windows 10 Insider Program for Windows Phone users, is the very limited amount of phones that the preview build can run on. It’s limited to just a few phones, but that is going to change soon. Microsoft will soon get more phones in the build list.

When Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 Mobile build for users in February, it only had a limited list of Lumia phones that it worked with. These included the Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730, and 830 phones. This unfortunately left many without those phones out in the dark.

Microsoft's First Windows 10 Mobile Soon To Expand With April Builds

April Release For New Mobile Windows 10 Build

According to many Windows Insiders, April should mark the date where Microsoft will be unveiling the second build of Windows 10 Mobile for users. They went public with a blog post on March 27th, and disclosed the phones that would work with the second build, and that is a much bigger list.

With their blog post, Microsoft stated that the upcoming April build of Windows Mobile will work with virtually almost every Lumia phone out today. Those include the high-end Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1320 and 1520 phones, the entry level Lumia 520 phones, and every phone in between from Lumia.

Lumia 1520 To Soon Get Windows 10 Mobile Support From Microsoft

Why The Delay On Windows Mobile?

Many wondered why these phones weren’t included on the initial release build of Windows Mobile, and Microsoft detailed why they were excluded. It had to do with partition stitching features in the phones, and making sure that the builds worked with the storage capacities of the phones as well.

This means that Lumia phones should be able to run the next build of Windows 10 Mobile from Microsoft. It will also be updated with support for the China Mobile Operator support as well, which had been a problem in earlier builds. All of these mean an April release should give Windows Phone users a reason to be happy.

Windows 10 Mobile landed with a thud from Microsoft. But, April should bring about a change, and give users a reason to like Windows 10 Mobile.

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