Windows 10 Build 10041 Features

As Windows 10 gets updated from the slow to fast rings, developers at Microsoft are giving users a number of features to test, build upon, give feedback with, and to discuss. Windows 10 Technical Preview 10041 is certainly a highlight, and has a number of features that users can ceratinly give a few peeks at daily.

Windows 10 Techical Preview Build 10041 is a late March addition to the Windows 10 Insider Program, and is only available during the WIndows Update, and requires users to be running the Windows 10 build already. While this wasn’t released on an ISO, it shows Microsoft’s update plans for Windows 10.

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New Start Experiences and Desktop Cortana

Two things that users will notice right away with this build are the improved start experience. Now, the all apps list are easier to access with touch, and users are able to drag and drop from the app lists. Users can also pint them to Start, and this was a top request. All of these should make the Start experience better.

Next, users are now able to drag a window to a Virtual Desktop. This was a #1 feature for Virtual Desktops, and users can now get filtered taskbars, better organization, and a number of new features. Dragging a window to the desktop had not been possible, but with this build 10041, it is a reality.

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Insider Program With Build 10041 Update

Cortana On Desktop

The biggest thing for desktop users will be the addition of Cortana on the desktop with this Windows 10 Technical build. It is available for China, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the US. Users can search for apps, settings, files, and the web using Cortana. It has bugs and Microsoft is working on them.

Additionally, new fly-outs from the taskbar, new enhancements o the photos app, new text imput canvas, the lock screen gets additions, and improvements to the Windows Insider program were made with this release. Top bugs have also been fixed, and Microsoft is listening to users with each build they release.

Windows Preview Build 10041 is another stepping stone for Microsoft. Windows 10 continues to get better, and it shines with this release.

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