Microsoft Introduces Spartan In Windows 10 Release

The Spartan browser is something that Microsoft has been slowly talking about, and has promised to show off to users with each technical release of the Windows 10 Preview. Microsoft on Monday finally updated the Windows 10 Preview Build 10049 with Spartan, giving users a way to try out Spartan.

The Spartan browser is something done from the ground up, and is a new type of web browser from Microsoft. It’s not meant to necessarily be a replacement for Internet Browser, but a companion browser to Windows 10. As the Spartan browser gets its first release, it shows off what Microsoft has been working on.

Windows 10 Preview Build Unleashes Spartan Browser

What Is Spartan?

Spartan is the brand new browser that is 100 percent built for Windows 10. Inside, users can use voice commands, annotation features, and faster rendering of images for Internet pages. All of these combined features will in combination of features build into this preview build, are certain to get users interested.

The Spartan browser has been highlighted in a video from Microsoft, and is something that Microsoft is calling beyond browsing. The Cortana features on their own will get Windows 10 and Internet surfers giddy with excitement, and give them numerous ways to search the web, and to navigate Windows 10 on the web.

Microsoft Shows Off Screens Of Spartan Browser During Preview Release

Using Spartan On Windows 10 Today

With the latest Windows Preview Build 10049, Microsoft is giving users Spartan today to try out. It certainly is not ready for prime-time, and has its sets of errors and glitches, but Microsoft is well aware of it, and is taking feedback via its forums for it. It’s rendering engine on its own is brand new, but amazing to use.

Where Google, Firefox, and other browsers have lacked voice input, Cortana with Spartan means that web browsing with your voice gets real with Windows 10. In addition to Cortana, annotation sharing, reading list & reading view, and other features make Spartan on Windows 10 a thing to see and enjoy.

If you get the preview builds, try out Spartan and enjoy. It’s new, it’s revolutionary, and its Spartan.

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