While much hasn’t been discussed about Windows 10 outside of Microsoft, whenever a Microsoft engineer gives a sneek peek of whats to come, it makes the anticipation grow. Recently, Microsoft’s Peter Lee talked about what we will see in Windows 10 and the future is good.

In his interview with Digital Trends, Peter Lee, who is Microsoft’s Head Of Research, went into what people can expect with Windows 10, along with other devices and tools. It gives us an idea of a cloud-based future, and an operating system that will be exciting.

Microsoft's Peter Lee Talks Windows 10 In Code

Enterprise Graph A Focus

With Windows 10, Peter Lee talked about the next generation of Windows having an Enterprise Graph. This focus is based on large companies with thousands of employees, and will allow machines to learn relationships, entities, and ideas. This along with digital-assistant tools are being looked at with Windos 9.

By integrating this enterprise graph in Windows 10, the new operating system will be able to understand search results by its users, surface news from your friends, and gather it together into new social end-results. The entities and their relationships are key factors in the next generations, and this as told by a Microsoft executive.

Microsoft's Peter Lee Talks Enterprise Features and Graph With Windows 10

Why Enterprise?

By focusing on this Enterprise Graph, Microsoft seems to be going at the enterprise with Windows 10. As Windows 8 failed with businesses, they need to make sure they do it right with the next version of Windows 10. The cloud and its many Microsoft Azure datacenters can power the enterprise needs of Windows 10, and make sure it works 100 percent of the time at a top performance level.

The cloud for Windows 10 is clearly a service and tool that Microsoft will use in Windows 10, and if enterprises are already using Windows Azure for its data services, it might be able to tie that into the Windows 10 experience as well. It will be a new operating system that seems to be heavily enterprise focused, but will still appeal to customers as well. Whether or not this will work, will be Satya Nadella’s decision to make, and their customers to be voted on.

Peter Lee gave some hints on Windows 10 but not many. He will only tell a little, but gave Windows 10 a little more love.