Global Release: Windows 10 Announced For 190 Countries and 111 Languages

It’s no secret that Windows 8 has been a controversial upgrade for many, and Microsoft realizes their mistakes in getting out to users with missing features. But, as Windows 10 approaches later this year, the global outreach of Windows 10 will reach massive numbers around the globe.

During the WinHEC conference in China, Microsoft used the tradeshow as its platform to officially announce the plans for Windows 10. As its meant for OEM’s and developers, Microsoft knew it had a captive audience. But, with 190 countries on tap, Windows 10 could be bigger than expected.

Microsoft Expected To Launch Windows 10 In Global Push

Windows 10 Plans

Windows 10 is aiming to be launched in over 190 countries as it launches later this summer. It is also going to be launched in over 111 languages. With over 1.5 billion users around the globe, it will be one of the biggest Windows and Microsoft launches, and one that Microsoft is depending upon greatly.

As it will be launched later this year to users around the globe, the plan to upgrade users from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 will be key. While Windows 7 has been a big success, Windows 8.1 hasn’t, and Microsoft wants to get those users onto Windows 10 as quickly as possible, no matter where they are located.

Microsoft Making Global Partners Part Of Windows 10 Launch With Users In China

Windows 10 In China To Explode

China is one of Microsoft’s main places where they want to grow Windows in terms of users. Windows 10 will be featured in Lenovo service centers in over 2,500 locations, and be part of social networking services of Tencent and other Chinese companies. This makes sure Windows 10 is out there in China.

Additionally, Qihu 360, which has over 500 million customers on Windows PCs, will enable Windows 10 upgrades with just a few clicks of the button. Lastly, Microsoft is working with Xiaomi to help test Windows 10 on Windows Phones, and allowing users to give them feedback about Windows Phone 10.

Windows 10 is going to explode around the planet. Microsoft is hoping that Windows 8 users go away slowly, and transition to Windows 10 quickly and soon.

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