(Free) Windows 10 Being Given To All Including Pirates

One of the biggest battles with Windows over the years has been piracy, and Microsoft has been fighting pirates around the planet in its efforts. But, as Windows 10 is coming closer to launch, Microsoft is ready to battle the pirates in a new way, the free way.

In a move that many wouldn’t have expected, Microsoft will be giving free upgrades of Windows 10 to all Windows users. It won’t make a difference whether they are running Windows legitimately or not, and that is a major change in the history of Windows and piracy around the globe.

Microsoft Offers Free Upgrades To Pirated Copies Of Windows to Windows 10

Windows 10 and Piracy

Microsoft has been battling piracy around the globe, and a lot of the piracy of Windows happens in countries outside of its US headquarters. Hundreds of millions of copies are installed in China alone, and this was one main reason why Microsoft has transitioned its piracy views towards.

Microsoft stated that they will be upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine to Windows 10. This is meant to re-engage the hundreds of millions of pirated copies of Windows, and make them legit. The summer release means that pirated copies of Windows 7 and 8 will become Windows 10.

Microsoft's Piracy Stance Changes With Windows 10 Policy Change This Year

How It Will Work

Microsoft will be working with computer manufacturers especially in China to manage this piracy update. They stated in various statements that they would be working with Lenovo, Qihoo 360 Technology and Tencent Holdings Ltd to get users transitioned to Windows 10 from other versions of Windows.

Windows 7 users will already get a free upgrade, but pirated copies of Windows XP, Vista, and other versions of Windows will be upgradable in this move. By upgrading these pirated copies of Windows, Microsoft figures they can sell them services like Office, OneDrive, and others and make up for it with the free upgrade of Windows 10.

Microsoft and pirates have never been on the same page. But, this move to appease them and upgrade them to Windows 10 is historic, and good for the future of computing.

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