Can Windows 10 Be A Cloud Operating System?

The move to the cloud by a lot of companies is noticed everyday in the news cycles, and customers are also moving their data to the cloud at alarming rates. But, with Windows 10 due to hit in the early portions of 2015, many question could it be a pure cloud operating system.

Microsoft has clearly made the cloud a clear ambition of its company, and with its Azure product lines, it could clearly support it. Cloud operating systems are also gaining in popularity with ChromeOS among others, so the question remains on whether Microsoft could make it work?

Microsoft Could Make Windows 10 A Cloud OS

How Windows 10 Could Work In The Cloud

With a majority of the operating systems bogging down computers, the evolution of cloud computing has led the heavy lifting of computing to the cloud. Smaller laptops like Google’s ChromeOS has shown that computers down need heavy operating systems, and with a small footprint, can handle 90% of users needs.

By giving customers a Windows 10 that operates in the cloud, Microsoft could make Windows 10 an operating system that gives people that ability to surf the web, handle documents, listen to their music, watch videos, and do mostly anything they do today, but without the heavy data that would rest on their systems.

Azure and Datacenters Make Windows 10 As A Cloud OS Possible From Microsoft

How Microsoft Makes It Work Today

Many might think of Windows 10 as a cloud OS a silly thing, but Microsoft does most of what it could do already. With documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations, Microsoft has Office 365 that it can offer customers and businesses. Additionally, it could host the browser and other heavy apps in the cloud on Azure.

Additionally, OneDrive continues to gain users and gives users plenty of storage options. Windows 10 users could store their photos, videos, and other data in the cloud, and be able to access it with any Windows 10 desktop, as their personal cloud. Windows 10 could give users, from personal to business their own personal cloud, and Microsoft has all the tools in place to make it work. Whether or not it can come into place is another question.

It’s highly possible that Windows 10 could be a cloud operating system. Microsoft has all the parts possible, but only Microsoft could make it happen.

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