Windows 10 Star Trek Theme With Screensaver

Star Trek is one of the longest running TV shows and spawned numerous successful movie adoptions. Here’s a great theme with screensavers and wallpapers

Star Trek Backgrounds & Screensavers

Game screenshots with shots of Kirk, Spock & Co:
Star Trek Hd Wallpapers 2015.Jpg

Enterprise screensaver:
Screensaver Star Trek Enterprise Flagship

DeskThemepack Download

Download Deskthemepack.png

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2 Responses to Windows 10 Star Trek Theme With Screensaver

  1. William1 says:

    Hey everyone
    Newbie here…this is a good site i hope
    bored of what comes with windows 10 and love eye candy for my computer
    do i need to download anything to actually install themes?

  2. oliversk says:

    Nope, just download the theme and double-click the themepack file. Other files like screensavers have to be installed in the same way

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