Is Windows 10 (Preview) Stable Enough For Daily Use Yet?

A lot of people have asked me whether or not Windows 10 is already stable for daily use, here’s a quick fact-check

About Windows 10 Compatibility

Windows 10 currently is based on Windows 8 and still uses the same kernel. However, Microsoft introduced many design changes, including a complete overhaul of the control panel and how you search for files and programs (right on your taskbar!)

However, with any technical preview, Microsoft does not recommend using it on a PC you need every day due to unexpected glitches and blue screens.

One common problem you will run into is finding a compatible Windows 10 firewall. A firewall these days is mandatory if you want to avoid malware and viruses on your PC. COMODO seems to be one of the few that seems to be somewhat compatible, but first has to be taught what application you use.

Home Users, A Go!

If you’re a home user and you frequently backup your files, you should have no problem using Windows 10 for daily use. It’s stable enough to run most programs. Programs like Steam, Photoshop are working properly. Only programs that require a driver update (like firewalls) may not work as expected, so any programs from before Windows 7 (XP, Vista) are most likely not going to work so well. Also all programs that did not work properly on Windows 8, may not work on 10

In a nutshell, home users who can certainly give it a try now, but remember there’s no easy way to downgrade. You’ll be stuck with Windows 10 until the final stable build (RTM) arrives, which is supposedly coming out this summer.

Intended To Preview New Features

Technical previews are a great way to see what Microsoft is working on, but fortunately you will be able to find out a lot without actually having to install the preview for yourself.

Multiple Desktops On Windows 10.Png

Windows 10 has a lot of great new features like multi-desktop support, a completely new search assistant, new AeroSnap features and vastly improved mobility (tablet support).

The latest version runs smoothly and stable enough for daily use on laptops and is a great platform for enthusiasts to tiner around with before everyone else.

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