Why Is DasHost.Exe Causing High CPU Load on Windows 10? Should I Delete It?

A lot of programs cause excessive CPU usage on Windows 10. For example DasHost.exe is one of the implicated executables on Windows 10 that constantly cause CPU spikes, but what is this file doing and should you delete it? Let’s take a look.

What Is DasHost.Exe Doing?


DASHost stands for “Device Association Framework Provider Host” and is a simple framework for connecting wired and wireless devices. If you have currently any devices connected it’s possible Windows 10 will make frequent use of dashost.exe.

Why Is It Causing Problems / CPU Spikes?

DAShost.exe itself should not cause any issues. However, some of your devices may be using outdated drivers. Particularly, Windows 10 users will be affected because a lot of devices have old drivers that are not compatible with Windows 10, which means the solution to your CPU load issues is fairly simple: Disable devices that are currently not supported by Windows 10

1. Open your device manager – simply hold Windows key + R and enter devmgmt.msc

2. Watch out for any devices with a yellow icon – that’s a warning sign that they are not supported

3. Remove the device (right-click, disable). Also physically remove the affected device


When Should I Delete DasHost.exe?

Don’t delete this important system file UNLESS it is stored in a location other than C:\Windows\System32! If it’s outside this folder, it’s very likely a virus and should be deleted immediately. Run a program from our top antivirus list

When Should I Not Delete It?

Do NOT delete it if you find this file in C:\Windows\System32 – this is a critical system file. Windows may stop working if you delete it.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Make sure to update old drivers frequently. Old drivers often cause CPU spikes. Remove any devices if you continue to experiencing problems and make sure to check for viruses.

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