Want to clean your browsing history but don’t know? Here’s how you can quickly get rid of the website log that is being kept by your browser.

Deleting History In Microsoft Edge

1. Open the Edge browser (the new IE on Windows 10)

2. Click the 3 dots to get a dropdown. At the bottom open the Settings page:


3. Click on the button Choose what to clear directly below Clear browsing data


4. You can now select a bunch of items: Browsing history, Cookies, Cache, Download history, form data and password.


5. As you’ve probably guessed you need to select Browsing history and confirm with a click on Clear. Keep in mind that cookies and website data may include session cookies so you may be logged out of websites. If you are not good with remembering Passwords, make sure not to select the Passwords box or it will clear those completely and they will no longer appear in login forms (pre-filled).

6. In general, this should get rid off the history, however there are also various log files that keep track of your history on your computer. Advanced users may also want to look into clearing their index.dat files!

Deleting History In Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Now click on the 3 horizontal bars icon and go to More tools -> Clear browsing data


3. The shortcut is CTRL + SHIFT + DEL


Other Browsers

Opera and Firefox also have the same settings panel that allows you to clear browsing data.