How To Manually Add A Network Printer To Windows 10 (Shared Printing)

Shared printing (printing via a network printer) is more common these days, but first you need to manually add a network printer to your PC, which can sometimes cause a few headaches. Here’s how you can manually add it without any problems.

Pre-Req: What is my printer model, printer manufacturer, name and IP?

Printer names can be looked up in the device control panel. Go to the PC closest to your printer that is already connected to your printer. Open your Windows Explorer (Windows key + E) and open the Network panel. If your printer is properly connected via ethernet it will be listed there.

Right-click on the printer to see the printer manufacturer, printer model, model number, the MAC address and the IP:

View Printer Properties.png

Step 1: (Optional) Shared Printing: What’s The Printer IP And/Or Name?

If you did not manage to find the printer model and IP we need to look up the IP of the printer we are going to add or the name in a different way. Without that it will be difficult to add it. So first things first: Log into your router which you can usually access by typing into the browser address bar. Please note that router manufacturers use all sorts of IP’s.

  • Log into

Step 2 (Optional) Find Printer IP via ARP

If you can’t log into your router, here’s a workaround to get that IP: Open a command prompt and enter:

arp -a

This command will list all connected devices on your network. If you happen to have the MAC address of the printer (usually printed on a sticker on the physical printer itself) then you can locate the IP address that way.

Step 3: Check If Printer Is Listed

1. Enter printer into the search bar on your taskbar:

List Windows 10 Devices And Printers.png

2. Scroll down and check if any of the printers are your network printer (the icon should be similar to the physical appearance of your printer):

Check If Network Printer Is Listed

3. If not, click Add Printer at the top

Step 4: Adding Printer Manually Using WSD, IP Or Name

4. Windows 10 will start searching for printers, use the button below that your printer wasn’t listed:

The Printer That I Want Isnt Listed Here.png

5. You will be given 4 options to add printers, by name, by IP, by bluetooth/WiFi or with manual settings.

4 Ways To Add Shared Network Printers.png

6. If you had any luck finding the IP or name you know what to do. If you haven’t found the IP, use the option at the very bottom:

Add A Local Printer Or Network Printer With Manual Settings.png

7. From the dropdown “port” select the option at the very bottom called WSD:

Wsd Port Self Discovered Network Printer.png

8. WSD is a self-discovery service that runs in the background to discover devices and will help you to manually add a printer

9. The confusing thing is that it will ask you to select drivers, but worry not, simply find the correct manufactuer e.g. HP and your model will most likely be listed, for example HP LaserJet:

Adding Hp Network Printer.png

You are done now, you have successfully added a network printer to Windows 10 and should be able to print now.

Wait, I Still Did Not Manage To Add It Manually

Make sure the printer is correctly connected to your network and you are connecting to a router with the same network. To verify that check your IP address

Open a command prompt again and enter ipconfig /all. Look for the adapter “Local Area Network” / Ethernet Adapter. Your IP would normally look like 192.168.x.x – make sure you and the printer are on the same network. If you aren’t, you will not be able to add your printer without a IP route. IP routes can be configured in your router and add additional networks to your own and allow you to add devices listed on while you are using the IP

You will find various guides online how to connect two subnets via Linux or Windows.

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