How To Disable The Firewall In Windows 10 Completely Or Selectively

After reviewing some firewalls, I noticed many already work on the technical preview version aka Windows 10, so it only makes sense to disable the built-in Windows firewall, here’s how it works.

Why Disable The Firewall In The First Place?

Running multiple antivirus or multiple firewall on a given system is bound to result in some weird glitches, blue screens and other hiccups that are unwanted. So, it is a good idea to have only 1 firewall and only 1 antivirus.

Note: However, in most cases it is considered ‘safe’ to run both the built-in firewall and another 3rd-party firewall (COMODO, AVG, Outpost, Panda)

Another reason is that multiple security solutions tend to slow down your system considerably, especially older machines should only run 1 firewall and a liteweight antivirus. AVG, Norton and the like are not lite-weight and are resource hogs, yes even the newest versions. If you have only 4GB of RAM or less they will be responsible for a lot of freezes. A liteweight solution is Agnitum Outpost Firewall And Malwarebytes Anti-Malware which can be launched on demand and does not sit idly in the background.

Possible Complications When Running Built-In + 3rd-Party Firewalls

Let’s say your COMODO firewall is blocking port 8080 while the built-in Windows firewall is not blocking it. The port will be blocked either way, but when you need it again you need to check the configuration of two firewalls rather than just one and this makes debugging an extremely tedious process.

Turning It Off For Private Or Public Network

1. Enter ‘firewall’ into the search bar and select the option Windows firewall. Any firewall you have installed recently will also appear as an application at the top:

Check Windows Firewall Status.png

2. In the sidebar use the option Turn Windows firewall on or off:

Turn Windows Firewal On Or Off.png

3. Select the option Turn Off Windows Firewall for both the private and public network or alternatively, if you have a home network that requires protection only turn it off for the public network (everything that goes out / internet services):

Turn Off Windows Firewall.png

A private network is usually your home network and should be safe unless you are currently travelling or connecting to a workplace (take your device anywhere)

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