How to alt tab to desktop in Windows 10

Windows 10 has changed some shortcuts and removed some unnecessary programs. If you’re left wondering how to alt + tab straight to the desktop, here’s your answer.

ALT + Tab Switcher Gone

With the ALT + Tab Fast Switch gone, you can no longer use that method to go to the desktop. However, there is another faster shortcut that has been around since at least Windows XP: Windows key + D

By holding that combination you will land right on the desktop. Once on the desktop you can return to the previous window hitting Windows key + D AGAIN!

ALT + TAB Shortcut Via Autohotkey

If you insist on using ALT + Tab, there is only one solution I know of. You have to use a program like Autohotkey to overwrite the current shortcut. Other programs that may work are Logitech Setpoint or you could bind Windows key + D to your MOUSE3 button if that’s easier for you.

You will find various Autohotkey guides on our sister site in the Howto section.

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