Creative: How to draw in Windows 10

Feeling creative today? You better get started, inspiration may not last forever. Here’s how you can draw simple and complex drawings in Windows 10 – today!

Deciding On A Drawing Tool

Windows 10 comes with a built-in version of paint. There are also a variety of drawing programs available from the app store. Let’s check them both out real quick.

1 Improved Paint

1. Simply search for Paint:


2. The new improved Paint even comes with different brushes like a Crayon brush. Here are all drawing brushes:

  • A natural pencil
  • An oil brush
  • A watercolor brush
  • Calligraphy brush
  • Airbrush
  • Marker
  • Crayon

All of those brushes are excellent choices for drawing or creative writing.

Yes, there are artists who create real oil painting in Paint, that’s how powerful it is, but that is an art itself, so if you haven’t mastered Paint, there are a lot easier programs to draw on Windows 10!

2 App Store: Drawing Canvas & Drawing Board Prof.

1. Search for Windows store and open the program

2. The Windows store itself has a search bar on the top right:


3. Drawing Board Prof is available for $2.99 if you are in need of a more robust solution but Drawing Canvas is available for free and looks like a fun app (very simplified).


4. When installing Drawing Canvas you have to choose an account, it’s possible you have to enter your local password if you have installed Windows 10 locally (without Microsoft account).

5. For kids, the canvas app seems a perfect fit. If you need something better, read on

3 Drawing In Photoshop

Drawings can be quite complex you know. Digital artist’s favorite tool is and always will be Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Creative suite with Photoshop will cost approx. $20 per month but will allow you to edit photos and draw digital masterpieces.

There are also free trials available.

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