3 Ways To Run Old, Aged Programs on Windows 10 Without Compatibility Mode

The compatibility mode is great no question, but there are far better ways to run old programs on Windows 10

Method 1 To Run “Old Games”: DOSBox

If you intend to play really old video games, there’s only one choice: DOSBox. DOSBox is a Dos emulator that allows you to run even games from the 90’s like Theme Hospital or Command & Conquer 1

You can download DOSBOX from Sourceforge for free


Method 2 To Run “Old Programs”: VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a great tool that allows you to run Windows XP within Windows 10 – yes, the exact thing even with networking support, a virtual drive and shared folders!


Download VirtualBox

You won’t believe it but you can download a full copy of Windows XP or 7 as virtual images here:

Virtual Machines

This is intended for web developers, but you can use it to run old programs on Windows 10 as well. The output can then be shared via shared network folders. You have to configure shared folders in the settings. You may also have to install the Guest Additions which will add a lot of functionality to VirtualBox!

Method 3 To Run “Outdated Programs”: Find Alternatives

You won’t believe it but there are thousands of alternatives and converters that will allow you to upgrade almost any program out there.

Old programs have security holes and are easily exploitable. Still using an old email client? Upgrade to Thunderbird. Still using an old FAX software? Get a new one. Still using an old document archiving system? Find a better one.

Yes, this approach will take more time but you will also secure your working environment and save a lot of money in the long run. Get rid of old programs!

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