Users on DeviantArt and other art sites are busy developing concepts for what they think would make a good new Windows Operating System

The successor of Windows 8 and 8.1, most likely called Windows 10, will bring a few changes for sure, to get an idea for what you can expect, read our list of rumored Windows 10 features

Below are some of the most incredible concepts we’ve found that are just a taste of what is to come:

Disclaimer – the following concepts are fanmade, they are not official concept, nor are they endorsed by Microsoft. They are simply concepts made for fun to envision what Windows 10 could look like

Windows Phone 9 Concept

altavizta created an incredibly sleek Windows Phone 9 concept that expands the Metro UI and makes it look even more awesome. I’m already pretty happy with my Windows Phone 8 (Lumia) but the grid edges could be a little closer together and intertwined as in this concept:

Windows Phone 9 Concept 1.Png

Windows 10: A Centered Start Button?

The idea of a centered Start button is not new, but it’s worth exploring – Microsoft’s Start button always sits in the left corner, although you can drag the taskbar to the left, right or top and change the position of the Start button. It’s impossible to move the Start button, maybe that is something Microsoft should be exploring? A concept by thetechnotoast

Windows 10 Concept Centered Start Button.png

Windows 10’s New Explorer Concept

The explorer in Windows 8 wasn’t that bad, but MarkusMcNugen thinks he can do better
Windows 10 Explorer Concept.png

Windows 10’s New Control Panel Imagined

Markus also had a great idea for a new Control Panel sidebar. Take a look at his concept:
Windows 10 Control Panel Concept.png

Professional Concepts By Ajam Brosino

Ajam Brosino put a lot of work into a concept of what Microsoft should change in the next versions of Windows. You can find his blog at

Windows 10 Metro On The Desktop Concept 1.Jpg

Windows 10 Metro On The Desktop Concept 2.Jpg

Windows 10 Metro On The Desktop Concept 3.Jpg