Narutotheme Wallpaper

Aburame ShinoNaruto 10058Naruto 10523Naruto 11016Naruto 13026Naruto 18211Naruto 18739Naruto 18843Naruto 19146Naruto 20136Naruto 21908Naruto 22010Naruto 22772Naruto 23160Naruto 23735Naruto 24942Naruto 26196Naruto 2626Naruto 26929Naruto 30441

Desktop Icons Included

Some of our themes may include desktop cursors and icons.
 Narutotheme   Aburame_shino Icon Narutotheme   Uchiha_sasuke Icon Narutotheme   Uzumaki_naruto Icon

Desktop Cursors

 Narutotheme   Naruto.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_alternate.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_diagonal1.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_diagonal2.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_handwriting.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_help.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_horizontal.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_move.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_precision.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_text.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_unavailable.cur Narutotheme   Naruto_vertical.cur

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