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Windows 10 Themes Net Welcomes You

This is the premier source for the finest Windows 10 desktop themes, Start menus, gadgets, wallpapers and lots of goodies - join today!

Download themes from a wide variety of categories:

Desktop Cursors Featured Movie Themes For Windows 10

We have a bunch of very cool movie themes for all of your favorite flicks:

Sound Theme Featured Car Themes For Windows 10 With Sounds

All of the following themepacks include sound files - if you are looking for a high-quality themes with entire sound themes, start here:

Dodge Viper HD Wallpaper

Dodge Viper 11 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Jeeps Wallpaper

1 Jeep Wallpaper1 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Bmw M3 E92 Wallpaper

Bmw M3 E92 Wallpaper11 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Opel HD Wallpaper

Opel 11 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Mercedes HD Wallpaper

Mercedes 11 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Koenigsegg Ccx Wallpaper

Koenigsegg Ccx Wallpaper11 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Desktop Icons Featured Anime Themes For Windows 10

All of the following themepacks include new icon sets. If you want to change your desktop appearance, changing the icons is an easy way to do so. Choose one of the themes below:

Azumanga Daioh HD Wallpaper

Azumanga Daioh Wallpaper 011 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Cowboy Bebop HD Wallpaper

Cowboy Bebop Wallpaper 011 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Detectiveconan HD Wallpaper

DetectiveConan Wallpaper 011 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Code Geass HD Wallpaper

Code Geass Wallpaper 011 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Blackcat HD Wallpaper

BlackCat Wallpaper 011 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Desktop Cursors Featured Game Themes For Windows 10

We have a bunch of great themes in this category with new cursors and mouse pointers:


Dishonored Pictures 11 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Borderlands 2 Hd Wallpaper

Borderlands 2 Hd Wallpaper 011 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Arma 3 Wallpaper 2013

Arma 3 Wallpaper 011 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Diablo 3 2013 Wallpaper

Diablo Pentagram Orb Icon By Yaji Ico Vnd Microsoft Icon

Posted by oliversk

Darksiders 2 Wallpaper Theme

Darksiders 2 Wallpaper 013 150x150 Jpg

Posted by oliversk

Featured Themepacks


How to change the language in Windows 10

Language Setup 150x150 Png Did you pick the wrong language when you downloaded the Windows 10 tech preview? If so, here’s how you can easily change the language to one of your choosing.

How to search for files in Windows 10

Searching Files On Windows 10 Using Search Operators 150x150 Png Windows 10 has some great new features, including a new search tool and a search assistant called Cortana. Here’s how it works and how you can find files relatively easily.

How to set up Cortana on Windows 10

Sign In With Microsoft Account 150x150 Png One of the major features of Windows 10 is called Cortana, your virtual assistant that will do stuff you tell it to do using a built-in speech-to-text converter that is capable of telling you recent stock quotes or perform...

How To View The AppData Folder In Windows 10

Unhide Hidden Files1 150x150 Png The AppData folder includes your Roaming folder, which often includes critical application files and/or save games. In order to view the folder you need to unhide system files and folders first.

Where is the Windows 10 calculator?

Pin Calculator To Taskbar 150x150 Png Want to quickly calculate something? I usually use the Windows calculator for that. Here’s where Microsoft put the calculator in Windows 10

How to alt tab to desktop in Windows 10

Windows 10 has changed some shortcuts and removed some unnecessary programs. If you’re left wondering how to alt + tab straight to the desktop, here’s your answer.


Windows 10 Builds To Get Phone Expansions

Win10 Win10mobilepreviewdelays 150x150 Jpg One of the bigger concerns about the Windows 10 Insider Program for Windows Phone users, is the very limited amount of phones that the preview build can run on. It’s limited to just a few phones, but that is...

Microsoft Introduces Spartan In Windows 10 Release

Win10 Spartanbrowser 150x150 Jpg The Spartan browser is something that Microsoft has been slowly talking about, and has promised to show off to users with each technical release of the Windows 10 Preview. Microsoft on Monday finally updated the Windows 10 Preview Build...

Should You Join The Windows 10 Insider Program?

Win10 Win10insiderprogram 150x150 Jpg Computer users come in all types of genders, shapes, and technical backgrounds. Some love computers, some hate them, and some love to give feedback on their usage. With that in mind, Microsoft launched the Windows Insider Program for Windows...

Windows Insiders Getting Windows 10 Developer Tooling Preview

Win10 Win10devtoolingpreview2 150x150 Jpg With the Windows Insider Program getting a ton of attention from the user standpoint, the developer side of things with Windows 10 is a little behind. Windows in trying to court more developers, released a Windows 10 developer tooling...

(Free) Windows 10 Being Given To All Including Pirates

Win10 Pirateupgrade 150x150 Jpg One of the biggest battles with Windows over the years has been piracy, and Microsoft has been fighting pirates around the planet in its efforts. But, as Windows 10 is coming closer to launch, Microsoft is ready to battle...

Windows 10 To Be Seen On Big Phones and Small Tablets

Win10 Lumiaphones 150x150 Jpg Users have been using Windows on a number of devices over time, and they have gone from the traditional desktop, to laptops, and migrated to the mobile phone. With Windows 10, it’s all about to change, as Microsoft is...

Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049 Released

Win10 Build10049 150x150 Png With each release to the Windows 10 Insider Program, Microsoft is unleashing a number of new features for users to try out and beta test. Windows 10 has been very popular in this build, and testers cannot wait until...