Should You Join The Windows 10 Insider Program?

Computer users come in all types of genders, shapes, and technical backgrounds. Some love computers, some hate them, and some love to give feedback on their usage. With that in mind, Microsoft launched the Windows Insider Program for Windows 10. Should you join it?

The Windows 10 Insider Program is meant to give beta users the first glimpses of Windows 10, and to give them the chance to test it out before it launches. The preview builds come out in various times, but they give users a view of a Windows 10 in process, although not perfectly.

Should You Join The Windows 10 Insider Program?

Should You Join To Be An Insider?

The Windows 10 Insider Program is meant for those who don’t mind testing software, and testing out buggy software at that. Windows 10 is still a work in progress, and each build arrives with known bug fixes and features that have been added and removed. Some for the good, and some for the worse.

By joining the Windows 10 Insider Program, users should install the software on a machine that isn’t their production machine or in a virtual machine. This makes sure that the Windows 10 portion doesn’t take down their main machine, and if needing to reinstall at a moments notice, it can be done.

Microsoft Discusses Windows 10 Insider Program During Talks

Windows 10 Builds

The other thing to know, is that Windows 10 arrives with little documentation to go along with it, during these preview builds. Although there is a big community board and forum with testers, there are few step by step guides to make sure your version works like others on the web.

The Windows 10 Insider Program is a fascinating way to get to test Windows 10 before it launches later this Summer. Lots of early bugs have been taken care of, and more recent builds have been fixed to stabilize the software. But, if you like risks and challenges, the Windows 10 Insider Program is a way to have fun and test the future of Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Insider Program is about testing upcoming releases of Windows. It’s the biggest beta test out there, so join if you dare, and try out Windows 10 before other gets to today.

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