How to create a ZIP file on Windows 10

Here’s a small guide for beginners who are trying out Windows 10 and want to work with ZIP files.

Creating ZIP File For Single Item Using Built-In Tool

Windows 10 comes with ZIP support, you don’t have to download any additional tools unless you want to create a 7zip, rar or jZip file. However, ZIP is the most common and should be used in most cases. Follow the instructions below to either create a ZIP for a single item or multiple items.

Let’s you only want to compress a single file, then you simply right-click on that particular file and select the option “Send To” -> Compressed (zipped) as seen below:

Create A Zip File For Single Item

Creating ZIP File For Multiple Items Using Built-In Tool

To zip multiple files, select them all holding the CTRL key while you select them. You can also hold CTRL and draw a rectangle around the file to select over 20 files easily. Then right-click on a single file while the selection (blue) is still active and select the option “Send To” -> Compressed (zipped) folder

Zipping Multiple Files On Windows 10.Png

This will create a zipped folder that contains all the folder, but it will use the name of the first item in your selection.

Creating ZIP File Using External Tools

There are many great zipping tools with a greater compression rate. Popular tools include pZip, jZip, 7zip and WinRAR. You have probably seen *.rar files before. It’s also likely that you’ve seen *.7zip files before (black/white icon with a 7), those are the most popular. jZip and pZip are less popular but also great alternatives

Here are the addresses for the tools:

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2 Responses to How to create a ZIP file on Windows 10

  1. Anthony Davis says:

    What about Winzip?

  2. oliversk says:

    Yes, Winzip also works, but for this tutorial I wanted to use built-in features only, no downloads

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