First Windows 10 Theme For Windows 7

We have published a Windows 10 theme for the old Windows Seven. We will eventually release a Windows 8 theme, but this will take some time so we wanted to release this first

What Does This Theme Include?

This theme includes everything you need:

  • 1) A Full Theme Installer by
  • 2) Very detailed step by step instructions how to install shell themes
  • 3) Links to our site where you find additional instructions

Windows 10 Wallpaper

Exclusively for this site we created a cool landscape Windows 10 wallpaper. Maybe you like, but feel free to replace it with another if you don’t want to keep it. You’ll find a bunch of cool Windows 10 wallpapers on our site shortly

Windows 10 Theme Wallpaper

Download This Theme (For Windows 7)

Dark Windows 10 Theme

This download is a regular zip and can be easily opened:

Download Windows 10 Theme “Fully Immersed For Windows 7

As always, this is a shell theme and you need to be extra careful when installing it, as it involves replacing system files you can easily break your system. If you don’t know how to restore your system from a command line you should not attempt to install this Windows 10 theme

If you have created any Windows 10 themes inspired by the news, feel free to submit a link below

Themepack Supported By:

Deskthemepacks are not fully supported by Windows 7

oliversk has uploaded 539 themes and counting

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One Response to First Windows 10 Theme For Windows 7

  1. Tony says:

    Gave it a try, a little difficult to install but got it somewhat working. Thanks!

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